Anonymous: heyy i want to get lights for my room that arent icicle lights but just a string of lights that arent too spaced out. what is the name of the lights that i should buy? thank youuu 

Probably just regular Christmas lights

Anonymous: What's the best way to put posters on ur wall without leaving holes from tacks in the wall or having paint peel? 

Sticky tack!

Anonymous: I have a medium size bedroom and i wanted to know if you could post pictures for the size I have please! 

Most of the bedrooms I post look medium sized to me

Anonymous: I got like vinyl records and stuff to hang on my wall but I don't know where to put them and what order and stuff. Any help? 

I’d put them in a row horizontally high on a wall (like close to the ceiling line)


Anonymous: what would be a nice color for my walls? turquoise or dark turquoise? thanks 

I’d do dark turquoise!


Anonymous: Where can I get fairy lights at?? Please help because I have no idea and I really want them 

You can get them pretty much anywhere. Especially around Christmas. Walmart, target, bed bath & beyond, menards. Any place like that.

Anonymous: What color should I paint my room? I kinda like "pastel colors" but idk any pretty ones. 

Well if you like pastels I’d go w either pastel purple or pastel blue/green for a bedroom


Anonymous: Do you have any good sites for bedding? Or in general sites where they sell many bedclothes? has a lot of teenage bedspreads you can check out. :)


carindouglas: what colors go with navy blue really well??? 

White or grey or black. So pretty much neutrals. :)


Anonymous: I'm painting my room and the trim around the windows and stuff is black, what shade of purple do you think would go good with it? 

I’d go w a dark purple


Anonymous: Hey do u have any other cool do-it-urself-ideas for decorations??? Because i really like the glowing jars one! ;) 

I would just look on Pinterest or YouTube for ideas. :)


Anonymous: What color should I paint my beach themed room to make it look bigger and beachier? 

Soft sandy beige


Anonymous: hello! what are the coziest paint colors for a bedroom? 

Pale pink & possibly pastels & neutrals :)