Anonymous: I'm redoing my room and I'm trying to think of some colors that will make the room feel bigger. Any suggestions? 

Usually light colors. And if you want it to look bigger I’d get a lot of mirrors/wall mirrors. 

Anonymous: Hey umm I'm thinking of painting my room white and grey. What other colors could go with light grey? 

Basically any color. Most colors go good with any type of white or black or gray.

Anonymous: Do you have an insta? 

I do but I don’t post bedrooms on it. But I guess if you want an absurd amount of selfies and stupid posts then feel free to follow. JessieFowler2

Anonymous: Your my favorite tumblr bedrooms blog! I think all the others copied you. 

Aw thank you so much :) And I think a lot of people just like tumblr bedrooms in general 

I feel like ever since I made this blog there has been a surplus amount of bedroom blogs being created so if you’re still sticking with me then I love you loads and I really appreciate it :)

Anonymous: What concert did you go to? Just curious xx. 

All Time Low! It was absolutely amazing. I’ll reblog a picture I took hold on. 

Anonymous: the sheet type things people hang on their walls with sun faces and medallions are called tapestries and they have a bunch of them on the urban outfitters website! :) 


i-am-written-in-the-stars: Heeya .. I have brown walls and orange-ish closet doors in my room😑 (i hate it) i was wondering what colours would look good with my walls, cause ive already tried light colours and floral print and that didnt work... I was thinkin mayb dark purples or greys? Im nt sure 

Is it like a light brown tan ish color or like a dark brown chocolatey color?

5sauceswag: How do I make me rooms more cozy? I have a loft bed. It's painted white with a green accent wall, I have fairy lights, what else would you recommend? 

Lots of pillows. Warm colors.