chxngethewxrld: Hey I'm designing my own tumblr room right now and I just wanted to know what color you'd recommend for the walls? I was thinking a lavender purple or a lighter blue 

just go for a color that you know you’re not going to get tired of

hollisykes: What would I search to find a patterned cloth kind of thing to hang above my bed on the ceiling? Probably a stupid question but I can't find what I'm looking for haha 

Are you talking about a wall throw? Or I guess they’re also called a tapestry

Anonymous: Dumb question, is it odd for me to still be using the blanket my grandmother made for me when I was younger? 

Of course not! I still sleep with a monkey pillow that I got when I was like 7 lol

Anonymous: What should i paint my bedroom I am thinking about mint green or purple 

Love mint green

Anonymous: hi:) my room is kinda like a pastel yellow, what coloured bedding and furniture do you think would go well with it? thanks 

Other pastel colors and white



1.Christmas lights or fairy lights are almost always in every hipster room.Plus,it makes the room really cozy! You can get them at any store or wait until after Christmas and get them on sale. Just make sure to buy the indoor ones because you wouldn’t want to burn your house down with…


I just want to be with someone who’s not afraid to dramatically lip sync disney songs with me

Anonymous: I planing on getting posters! Do you recommend me getting different sizes? And how would I style them on my wall? 

Yes! And that’s totally up to you. Different things suit different people.


The scariest thing about having feelings is when you don’t feel anything at all.

Anonymous: heyy i want to get lights for my room that arent icicle lights but just a string of lights that arent too spaced out. what is the name of the lights that i should buy? thank youuu 

Probably just regular Christmas lights

Anonymous: What's the best way to put posters on ur wall without leaving holes from tacks in the wall or having paint peel? 

Sticky tack!