martalaxoxox: What type of pictures should I place on my wall that would give it a more tumor vibe 

Idk there are a ton of different things you could put up. A lot of people do band posters but it really doesn’t matter.

f-lyingoverhead: i want to put a lot of pictures on one of my walls, but without frames or anything just the picture, how should i put them up? (Like in a line/collage) 

Id do just like a big collage of them on your wall

bandsandsh-t: How do you send In a picture,sorry of this sounds stupid aha 


thegirlnobodyknowstheraceof: My furniture is quite big and its black and white (mostly black) I wanted to paint the walls a minty colour and have a photo wall. Considering my room is pretty small, do you think I should go ahead with the photo wall or will it look too cluttered? 

I think it’s a good idea, I would maybe space them out or string them on some lights :)

propetyofthehalfbloodprince: a quote could be 'in dreams we enter a world that's entirely our own' from harry potter :) 


Anonymous: Hey (: I just finished redoing my room and it looks really cool and I was wondering if I could submit pictures to you blog later? 

Of course!

Anonymous: Where can i get fairy lights at?? 

The store. Places that sell home stuff

runningtothemoonlight: Hiya. I have something called a loft bed, which is a bunk bed with a desk underneath. I wanted to put fairy lights through the slats above my desk, but my mum said they might catch fire. Do you have any idea on where else I could incorporate my lights in my room? Thanks, your blog is great! 

You could try just putting them along the outline of the loft if that makes sense? 

supernovann: Hello. Ive been wanting to redo my room ever since I saw this one picture (its grey with white drapes and lights). Right now my room is neon green (yikes!!) and I just did it Easter of 2012. My mom wont let me repaint it even if I paid for it and did it myself. Any opinions on what to do?? I tried to make it look as best as I could for now but I cant stand the colour! 

you could try covering it up with stuff

Anonymous: I wanna put a white hanging fabric from my ceiling but what do I use to keep it up 

try using hooks or maybe tacks if your parents will let you!

ciaraquinnxox: Hi, im redoing my room soon and i want to make it tumblr/girly room so can you help me on that btw my room is a medium sized room and i was think on having a quote above my bed with pictures around it, and i dont really know any good quotes i was thinking about this disney one "If you can dream it, you can do it" is that one good idk. 

Sounds good to me!