Anonymous: I have an attic bedroom with red walls but as it's an attic room the ceilings are slanted so my actual walls are really small. I'd like to put posters up on my ceiling but I'm not sure if it'll make my room seem to small. What do you think? 

It might but it looks cool

Anonymous: Painting my room light grey and a dark dark chalk board wall so i can write my own quotes and stuff and hanging pictures EVERYWHERE when i hang my pictures should i use tacks or tape? And is It odd to print pictures from the computer? 

Id use tape and no that’s not odd

Anonymous: I recently got a day bed and I was wondering what colors of fun pillows would go with that color. I do want some with like fun pictures and sayings and such, but I don't want them to look sloppy 

go with what color?

Anonymous: I wanna redo my room but I'm only 14 so I don't have a job or anything, and my parents don't have a lot of money. I know I could do DIYs and stuff like that but those things never work out for me/ I'm not patient enough. What should I do? 

Well if you’re not going to do DIY’s then I guess get a job. Babysit, mow lawns, etc. Otherwise I’m not really sure what to tell you.

Anonymous: Hi! We're moving soon. Like incredibly soon and quickly and fast. There is just so much seperating and leaving and in the midst of all this I need to redecorate my bedroom. I love pictures, music, and books. They are my passion. I have found a day bed, and all my furniture is white. I'm thinking about painting my room a sea-green or light purple. I just need help with decorating ideas and such so I don't mess it up and end up hating it afterwards. It's really important that I feel at home there 

I love the sea green idea. You could always do some sort of cute collage with your pictures, maybe decorate one of your walls with records or cd covers, or lyrics or something. Get a book case and decorate it then fill it with all your books.

Anonymous: I want to paint my room baby pink and im 15 and i really like the color but i dont want the room to appear like a 5 year old. What should i do? 

I do not/will not ever recommend painting your room pink

Anonymous: What colour is your room? 

bright white

nessyxxxchiick: I was looking for a tumblrey kind of look for my half of the room but let her pick the color which is lime green with blue polka dots. What can I do to make less 10 year old and more like a tumblr room. Ps the laundry room is right in our room 

Cover up the walls with stuff if you don’t like them

Anonymous: You're very pretty! Kind of remind me of Ashley Tisdale :) 

That’s what I’ve heard! But thank you :)

lisamarshall17: I really want a cozy room and love the canopy beds, but I have a ceiling fan right at the end of my bed which is in the way, I was wondering if it is still possible to have a canopy bed with my fan? 

I would think so unless you have really short ceilings that would possibly hit the canopy?

Anonymous: Okay just curious but how are people being unoriginal in their tumblr bedrooms lately? I mean yeah sometimes quotes get overused but whenever I see someone else's tumblr room it always seems to be creative and always have some of themselves shine through in their bedroom. Can you explain? 

I just mean like people are wanting to make their rooms exactly like the pictures on tumblr. I get so many asks a day asking me to help them make their room exactly like a certain picture that I posted on tumblr. 

brynca: Mad bc all of the rooms have windows and my room is the garage 

That’s super unique though! So you could work with that :)