Anonymous: Where can I get a cheap wall throw? 

Good question. Does anyone know? The cheapest I’ve seen them are like $30 and those are usually at those really indie stores that have a ton of bob Marley stuff and tie dye and bongs and stuff lol

Anonymous: Are there any ways to make a small grey room look big?:) 

Keep it clean and not cluttered. Get a big mirror maybe.

Anonymous: Hai so I want an opinion: If I paint my room a soft creamy coffee color and put one wall with brown-grey-neutral toned brick wallpaper, what color should I put my curtains? (I need a dark color) Ps my floors are wooden brown 

I’d probably do dark brown

Anonymous: Suggestion where I can buy posters?

Anonymous: what color should I choose for my walls, pale blue, mint, or just white? 

i’d do white personally, but that’s just because I love white.

findingcitlali: Hey I have a small room and my walls are painted a light medium purple and my ceiling and boarders are white, do you have any advice on how to keep my walls looking nice with posters but not too cluderred? 

it’s just a trial and error thing. Just keep putting them up until you find a way that you like. I wouldn’t cover your entire walls. Maybe do a collage or something if you don’t want it to look cluttered!

chxngethewxrld: Hey I'm designing my own tumblr room right now and I just wanted to know what color you'd recommend for the walls? I was thinking a lavender purple or a lighter blue 

just go for a color that you know you’re not going to get tired of

hollisykes: What would I search to find a patterned cloth kind of thing to hang above my bed on the ceiling? Probably a stupid question but I can't find what I'm looking for haha 

Are you talking about a wall throw? Or I guess they’re also called a tapestry

Anonymous: Dumb question, is it odd for me to still be using the blanket my grandmother made for me when I was younger? 

Of course not! I still sleep with a monkey pillow that I got when I was like 7 lol