phclover: Hey :) I'm planning on redoing my room into a tumblr room. I really want to paint one wall tiffany blue (it's like a mint color, almost the same color that is in my profile). My other walls is white. Do you think that will look good ? And my floor is a pretty dark wooden color. Btw: i love your account :) 

Yes! And thank you!

Anonymous: Okay I really badly want to have a wall in my room that I can draw/paint on but my home is a "rental". So I can't paint/draw directly on the wall. Any ideas on what I could do? 

Put contact paper on your wall. (I think it’s called contact paper)

Anonymous: I love your account! I was wondering, I have a dark green feature wall (the other walls are white) and I was wondering what I could do to make it look more exciting, rather then just a plain weird green wall? Also I have a small room so I only have a single bed, is there anything I could do to make it look better? 

if I had a dark green wall, I would probably fill it up with a bunch of different nature photos to be honest, I think that’d look really neat.

Anonymous: I'm moving into a new house soon, but my room is sorta small. Bc of that, my parents want me to get a loft bed. Do you have any ideas to make that look tumblry ( lol is that a word) and cosy? Thanks ^.^ 

loft beds are cool as hell! String some lights around the edges! I wish I had a loft bed.


Well I get a lot of asks every single day and I don’t want to clog up people’s dash with answers so if I haven’t gotten to your question, I am sorry. I will eventually.

Anonymous: holy shit your gorgeous 

aw thank you darling :)

Anonymous: But seriously what do you look like?? 

ill reblog a pic sit tight and be patient

Anonymous: I have a smallish room with a queen sized bed. What color should I paint my room to make it feel bigger, aqua blue or a light gray? 

personally I’d choose light gray

Anonymous: wait you look like Ashtley Tisdale???? POST A PIC!!!! NOW!!!! 

i don’t really think I do, no. 

kaylieapocalypse: Haiii. My room is soooo close to a tumblr room now finally.c: when I finish, Will you accept an entry?c: 

of course! :)

Anonymous: Wait are you gay or straight? Jw cause you seem to care a lot about that kinda thing.. 

I’m straight. But I believe in basic human rights, and whether you’re gay or straight, you are a human being who deserves those rights.

Anonymous: So i was reading your answers to asks, and I was just wondering, if you think that homosexuality is okay, do you also think bestiality is okay? and that people should be allowed to marry animals as well? 

I’m not even going to take the time or effort to give a good response to this. Basically you are a fucking idiot, and there is really no point in arguing with people like you because you are just too stupid to understand or think about anyone else’s feelings who may end up reading this. So shut the fuck up, and get your inconsiderate ass off of my blog. 

Anonymous: Do you have a personal? Just wondering c: 

I do, it’s linked on my blog. Or if you’re not feelin like clicking on my blog to find it, just click here

Anonymous: hi, so Im a guy and I was wondering if you think the room I'm planning will be too "girly." My parents told me I can do whatever I want and I'm basically starting fresh. So I'm going to be painting my room white with a dark grey wall (the wall my bed is on). I'm going to have a bed frame made of pallets, and trust me, it's better than it sounds. Then I'm going to hang my tv off the wall opposite from my bed which will have a wall full of posters around it, and last I have lots of lights to hang. 

Just sounds like a teenage bedroom to me! Not “girly” :)