Let’s play the “I’ve already worn these pants twice this week but I’m going to wear them again and hope no one notices” game

Anonymous: Can you post pictures of artistic rooms 

If I see them I’ll post them x

Anonymous: advice for a small room? 

Keep it clean! There’s nothing worse than a small messy room.

mycrackedipod: umm, i wanna put up a Quote, and my wall is white... what colour should my quote be? i dont want black,, its too cliched! 

You should cut out letters from magazines!

Anonymous: I'm going to paint my room with a dark colour, dark blue or dark green something like that and i will hang christmas lights... But on what can i hang them? I cant use nails... So what else can i use? And i tried putting pictures on the walls with a regular tape but all of them fell the next day.. And the stupid pictures costed 50-60 $ -.- do you have any idea how can they remain on the wall? Thanks love your blog💛😍 

I use hooks that you can stick on your wall! :)

Anonymous: Is it okay to have posters and pictures on the same wall? Or would that seem to cluttered? 

Depends on the way they are set up I guess.

hey my room is purple and I have no idea if it would be good idea to make a tumblr room ?????

Color of your walls does not matter
Anonymous: What kind of lighting fixtures are nice for a sage green room? Besides Christmas lights 😊 

What about lantern lights?

I’m thinking about creating a whole new tumblr for tumblerbedrooms. I’m thinking about doing this because I get so many questions a day and I just do not have the time to answer all of them. Plus it’d be easier if I had help. So what I might do, is create a new account for this (that way I don’t have to give someone my password since this is a side blog). I’m not 100% positive I’m going to do this but I probably will. Any questions or concerns feel free to hit up my inbox. xo

Anonymous: about the CDS question,, uh I guess either way, like it'd be cool to have them visible but my main priority is to store them 

Well I know you can get these book things that holds the CD’s and then you’d just put the case in a box or something. Or you could possibly put up a shelf or something on your wall and arrange them on there.

hannah-2803: I really hate my wallpaper and my walls so I'm going to paint the walls white what should I do about the wallpaper? 

Can you not take the wallpaper off?

Anonymous: Hi my room is like a hot pink color and I want to paint it but my mom dose not want to paint it what should I do I just hate the color 

I guess cover it up!

Anonymous: do you have any ideas on how to organise CDS? bc I'm starting anew on my room and idk what to do with my rather large collection,, 

Did you want the CD’s to be visible in the room or are you just looking for a way to store them?